LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ My cellphone sits on my desk while I’m working. It made its characteristic bonk noise, yet it refused to let me see what had updated or been received. Actually, it didn’t refuse at all. It just sat there and watched me try to engage with my calculator!

~~ I bet the young attorney who asked me for advice never expected the answer she received. “Any tips for closing at Bank, Inc.?” she asked. “Yes,” I said. “Set the closing for 12:30 pm. There’ll be some parking spots open, and the paralegal works more confidently and faster when her boss goes out for lunch than when he’s hovering over her shoulder.”

~~ A client who just returned from Canada tells me that they are laughing at the US up north. More than that, they are questioning our very sanity. “Someone even asked me how a small bunch of people can hijack the whole government and not be arrested for terrorism,” she wrote.

~~ Speaking of Canada, congratulations to Alice Munro. Her words are a prize for readers, and now she has the Nobel Prize for herself!

~~ Speaking of government hijacking, will someone point me to the part of the US Constitution where temper tantrums are a permissible part of the legislative process? These tea baggers— who say they hate government but just hate the kind of government that the majority of voters support— don’t want to govern by votes or even by judicial ruling. It seems they believe that hissy fits work, and so far, they are correct.

~~ Speaking of tea baggers, weren’t they (and all their GOP cohorts) apoplectic when Occupy Wall Street camped out in a park and also dared to stage demonstrations in public spaces? Im-Pissed-at-Occupy-Wall-Street-Zuccotti-Park-Kodak-Portra-400-copyAgain, I need a little help as to why that was outrageous and a threat to democracy, while shutting down our government is just another day at the office (equipped with a gym, sauna, subsidized lunch, barber, and damn fine health care).

~~ Friends of mine are attending a high school reunion.  I laughed out loud when I saw how a Twitter account paired their event with another equally worthwhile one!

Have a great weekend!
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