LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Revenge, Served Hot

A couple of payback stories this week reminded me of a tale I related in this blog many years ago.

The bank’s closing attorney seemed to take an immediate dislike to one of my clients. Each mortgage document signed by the husband was rejected with a sneer. The attorney would toss the paperwork back in his direction, saying, “That’s illegible — sign it again.”

Everyone at the table knew that a person’s signature is legally binding, no matter the quality of the penmanship. Moreover, as the documents were signed in the presence of a Notary who was willing to verify the buyer’s signature, there was no issue at all as to who had signed. As required, I protested again and again, but this stubbornly vengeful lawyer repeatedly refused to recognize the buyer’s John Hancock.

Turns out, my clients had overpaid the lender and they were due a small refund. In a magically fortuitous moment, the bank attorney was required to write a refund check to my clients.

He wrote out the check, tore it from the book, and passed it to me. Without making eye contact — but with hope in my heart— I passed the check along to the husband.

The check almost instantaneously flew back in front of me as my client exclaimed, “I can’t read what you wrote on this check — write it again!”
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