LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

This Guy’s Not on Fire

Apparently, the real estate agent was loony or a liar, based on the BS he was spouting at the closing table.

“Oh, this market is fantastic!” he says. “Buyers, buyers, buyers everywhere!”

Since my client was on hold, waiting for his mortgage broker to explain (or slash) the increase in the interest rate, I’ve got a moment to ride this agent’s flight of fancy.

“Where are you seeing the market so robust?” I wonder. “I’m seeing mostly lukewarm buyers and painfully slow lenders.”

He names the area, and then says, “It’s good, good, great in Boomyville. My listings just are sizzling hot.”

I compliment him on his success, and he smiles wide. As soon as I got back to my office, I called another agent in his area and asked, “What’s going on in Boomyville? I just heard that it’s on fire out there.” My acquaintance laughed and said, “The market was cold January through April, warm May through August, and in September we didn’t have a single contract.”

So I wondered if maybe the hot agent I’d just closed with had all the action in town? I heard the click, click, click of her keyboard, and then she said, “That guy’s nuts. He’s had one listing and two sales in six months; he probably hasn’t made more than $7,500 all year.”

Sadly, the only take-away here is that I secretly wanted him to be right.
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