LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Caterpillar Closing

The closing took four and three-quarter hours, though everyone was there on time and there wasn’t a single problem. The sole reason for the sluggishness of the closing was the unhurried attitude of the buyer, who questioned every single paragraph of each and every document.

He had a right to understand his obligations, but not to hold up a room full of people as he asked 55 variations on, “If I don’t do ________, will they foreclose on me?”

His lawyer never once summarized a document, nor made any discernable attempt to de-dawdle the dude.
I was silently frantic, the look in her eyes showed that the bank attorney was highly distressed, and the title closer looked as if he wanted to jump out the window. If he had, the rest of us might have followed.
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