LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Grasp This!

The attorney must have been a teacher in a former life, as he continuously peppered his conversations with, “Perhaps you don’t understand…”

I let the first 99 of his officious remarks slide off my shoulders, but I’d had it up to HERE by the time the closing concluded. As everyone was chatting while we put on our coats, I made an off-hand remark to my clients about the rest of my busy day. 

“Perhaps you don’t understand how to schedule your day,” this overbearing buffoon spouted.

My client shook her head and walked out. I did, too, but not before saying, “Perhaps you don’t understand that I did just fine before we met, and I’ll certainly do fine after I get the heck out of here. Bye.”

(OK, this may not be the cleverest riposte every, but perhaps you don’t understand how agitated I was.)
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