LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Show Me Your Diploma

My colleague had just come from another closing, and she was fuming.

“The buyer didn’t bring a bank check to pay my clients for their house,” she snarls. “Their attorney told him a personal check would be OK because they all (attorney, buyer, seller) went to high school together.”

I wondered if it was OK with the seller. “Hell, no!” said my still-agitated colleague. “She wanted everything to be by the book, and didn’t want to wait to see if a $390,000 check would clear.”

What happened? “The buyer’s attorney got all red-faced and righteous when I insisted on his client going to the bank and getting the right check. Everyone backed me up, and off the buyer went, but the jackass lawyer wanted to see me outside.

“We went outside, and he says, ‘You really put on an unnecessary show for your client. Perhaps you don’t really get that we’ve all known each other since 1984.’”

My colleague is now rubbing her temples and laugh-groaning as she relates her retort. “Show? I didn’t put on a show. I did my job, which is more than you did. Are you sure you actually graduated high school?”
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