LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ A Korean-American attorney spent 50% of the closing speaking to some of the other parties in Korean. A young man that appeared as if he might be Korean entered the room, and she barraged him with what sounded like questions. He halted her, saying, “I don’t speak Korean,” and she acted very surprised. I wonder, would she have been insulted if someone had made such an assumption about her?

~~ I received the funniest fortune in a cookie ever. At least, I think it’s merely funny and not at all prophetic: 
~~ How the hell does Ted Cruz rail against a health care plan that is yet untried, then read Green Eggs and Ham? That story is about trying something first before deciding whether you like it!

~~ And how come the TeaOP doesn’t think it’s a waste of tax dollars for the Senator to read his kids a bedtime story on the floor of the Senate, but is all for cutting back on food stamps and carving up teachers’ benefits?

~~ The invitation was for “burgers and a beer,” so I politely declined. “Don’t you want a rain check?” he asked, and I said, “No, thanks. I don’t eat burgers and I don’t drink beer.” I guess that sounded like a brush-off (it certainly was), so he was offended as he huffed, “Geeez… You don’t have to lie. Everybody loves burgers and beer.” No, not everybody, buddy.

~~ First rule of not getting your head knocked off: Don’t ask any woman when her baby’s due unless she has affirmatively stated that she’s expecting or you are in the delivery room with her.

Have a great weekend! And for one last time in a very dismal year decade, I’ll root for my favorite baseball team  After this, it’s likely I’ll spend the post-season rooting against teams.
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