LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

No, No, a Thousand Times, No!

My story about the too-persistent title salesman reminded a colleague of an encounter with a pushy vendor:

The mortgage salesman called three-four times a week, and though my secretary said I wasn’t interested, he kept calling. She complained about his tenaciousness, so I told her to put him on with me next time.

Sure enough, he called again, and I said, “Listen, man, I know you’re trying to earn a living, but we don’t have the business to spread around. We send all our deals to one guy and we’re very pleased.”

I found out why my secretary disliked him when he responded, “I understand, but if your guy dies or retires, I hope you’ll call me.”

I told him to have a good day, but I really wanted to tell him something quite vulgar to be sure he'd never, ever call again.
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