LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Talk Pretty to Me

A salesman for a title company followed me out of the lecture hall and started selling me on his company. Though I wanted to be courteous, I also wanted to quickly visit the restroom and get back into the seminar.

“I appreciate your time,” I said as I continued to walk towards my destination. “However, I’ve been with the same company since 1987, and I have zero intention of changing.”

I thought that would be a conversation stopper, but I was wrong. Three steps from the loo, he caught up to me and said, “There’s gotta be a way that I can entice you to give us a try. How about dinner for you and your spouse on me? white wine Some bottles of your favorite wine? Show tickets… or would you like to go to a Giants’ game with your hubby?”

That did it! I whirled around to face him, and he cringed at my body language before I even opened my mouth.

“A. it’s fairly obvious that you’re keeping me from heading to the bathroom,” I said, a bit too loudly. “B. I said no, not please sweeten the deal. And C., I’m a Jets fan, so your whole arm-twisty thing just got ugly.”

Later, it dawned on me that he was also a sexist by assuming that it was my husband who was a football fan, but as you can imagine, he wasn’t around when I re-entered the lobby.
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