LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The other attorney in a transaction is so inept that I feel wrong about accepting praise from my client. After all, she’s comparing me to a lawyer who probably couldn’t locate her own derriere while standing in a room full of mirrors.

~~ When a person retains an attorney based on a cheap fee, it’s like being a tourist riding in a cab with a driver who only moved to that city two days before. You’ll be lucky if all that happens is that you arrive late and very shaken up!

~~ I had a problem with the POTUS’ reference to American exceptionalism. However, I don’t like being called on it by Vladimir Putin. Do you?

~~ Overheard in a doctor’s office: I told him, “Seriously? You’d rather die of a heart attack than take off your shirt and get a lecture about your beer belly?”

~~ I just finished reading Crossroads Road: A Novel by Jeff Kay. It was both entertaining and thought provoking:  what would you do if your detested mother-in-law offered you $2 million and a free house provided you’d come live in a cul de sac with the whole family?

~~ Yom Kippur begins this evening; the reflection intensifies and the pleading amplifies. If applicable, I hope that you are sealed in the Book of Life, and that your fast is an easy one.

Have a great weekend! (And yes, I know about all about my choices when it comes to sports teams. I hope you pick winners, but not when they play my favorites!)
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