LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Keeping it Real

The client was driving me bonkers. No matter what I said to him, his reply was almost always the same. Here’s one of our typical conversations:

He:  Will you review my closing costs?

Me:  The title insurance will be $1,200 on your purchase, and another $407 for your mortgage lender…

He:  For real?

Me:  Yes, and the mortgage tax will be $2,340…

He:  For real?

Me: Yes, and title searches at the various municipalities will be another $500 - $600…

He:  For real?

I really wanted to inflict great harm on various office implements each time we finished speaking, so I thought emailing would be less nerve-wracking. Apparently, I was really off-base with that notion. I sent the client an email stating, “The lender is ready to set a closing. Which day of the week is best for you?” and received this reply 15 seconds later: “Wow. For real?
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