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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Thanks for the feedback on last week’s TSF. I’m writing this blog and scheduling its publication in advance of Rosh Hashanah, so you’ll pardon me for not tackling anything topical today. However, please rest assured that I’m against a whole lot of actions, support plenty of issues, and am unashamedly outraged by a whole category of iniquitous positions!

~~ How is it that you can be 100% certain of something that Wikipedia says never happened?

~~ I was an admirer of Diana Nyad before her successful swim from Cuba to Florida. Now, I am in awe of her! She never gave up on her dream, but she neither sat around pining for an outcome nor repeated past mistakes. She researched, she experimented, she surrounded herself with experts, and she persevered. 1233441_10151848728884292_1920239205_n Her “Xtreme Dream” has inspired one of my own. My dream won’t be public (hell, I may never even spill the beans here) and it won’t even be all that interesting to others, but thanks to Diana Nyad, I am going for it!

~~ Someone (young-ish) said of Diana Nyad, “Wow; I would probably have given up long before her. 64 is kinda old to be doing something like that.” That remark reminded me of a long-ago conversation with a friend who said, “I can’t go back to school; I’ll be 45 when I graduate.” My reply was, “You’ll be 45 even if you don’t graduate.” 1186008_10151850698149292_1255960296_n

~~ The September issue of Boating Times Long Island is available for you to enjoy.

Have a great weekend!
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