LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Super Sick of Superlatives

  The buyers’ attorney had a way with words.  He started by telling us about the lunch he just had. “I swear, it was the best burger, ever!”

He got a new car a week ago, and shared that "the ride is unparalleled.” He told the purchasers that their rate was “outstanding,” and complimented the real estate agents sitting in the corner as “top-notch.”

As I recall, he worked “supreme,” “fantastic,” and “great” into the afternoon’s conversations (“great” was a multiple entry).

After the money came, we all shook hands.  He wished my client a “marvelous retirement,” and said that it was “a distinct pleasure” to work with me.

In the parking lot, my client said, “That guy was a massive phony.”
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