LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Help Me Escape

“I’ve made a terrible mistake,” says the caller. “I went to contract on a house, and I don’t like it anymore. But my lawyer says I have to go through with it or lose my deposit.”

I say that it depends on the contract language and its contingencies, but his lawyer— who’s read the contract— is likely correct.

“Hmmmm,” he says. “How much money would it take from me for you to get me out of the contract?”

I say that whatever money he would give me to make him an unpalatable buyer would be better off spent as a semi-bribe to the seller. “In other words, don’t give me a few thousand dollars. Instead, call the seller and say, ‘You can keep $X of my deposit and return the rest, and let’s both save on the legal bills and the delays.’”

“That’s genius!” he exclaimed. “I like you better than my lawyer.”

No, I don’t know if it worked (it probably did, because he didn’t call back).  I just wanted to write today about someone that liked me.
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