LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ It finally felt like August this week. I really don’t like October in October, let along two months early.

~~ The radio interviewee was introduced as a “closet designer,” and my first thought was, “Why would you think you have to be in the closet in any design field?” Then it dawned on me that the woman literally planned out people’s closets.

~~ The guy’s office had an excess of Yankee memorabilia on the walls and on the table.  He says that Alex Rodriguez is “being railroaded,” and someone else in the room says, “I feel sorry for him.”  Really? If you (allegedly) cheated, broke the law, and stuffed millions upon millions of dollars in your pockets under likely-false circumstances, would he feel sorry for you?

~~ The Landlord’s attorney was the same one I’d encountered eight years before, when we’d negotiated the original lease. Knowing she’d asked me a gazillion questions back in 2005 about starting a small law practice, I expressed a bit of surprise that she was still working for the man. Her response was quite practical. “I hate this shitty job with all my heart, but during the entire recession, I never lost a paycheck. So I was smart to stay, right?”

~~ In the space of a few minutes this week, my car died and my favorite jeans were ripped. After a guy came to replace the battery (but warned me it could be my alternator instead, leading me to cancel appointments out of fear of getting stuck someplace), I sat down at my desk. Whereupon I was attacked by a horde of biting creatures.  As I detest violence, I applied citronella spray in an attempt to make the bugs decide to head elsewhere. They decided they liked feasting on me just fine, thank you, and the smell of the citronella made me so sick I couldn’t finish working.

~~ There’s a person I know who whines on social media about not having a job.  I sent her a freelance opportunity in her field, and then followed up with a private note expressing sympathy for her situation. I see that she read both, but acknowledged neither. Funny enough, “BOO HOO” and “THANKS” both have the same amount of letters, so it can’t be that hard to type the latter, rather than the former.

~~ Based on the tone of some of my musings today, I’ll bet you’re expecting me to yell at you to get off my lawn. I’m not feeling it just now, but let’s revisit that later, OK?

Have a great weekend!
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