LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

You Get a Vacation & I Get a Headache

I love much about August, but what I detest is that it’s a time for many other people to go on vacation. Yes, I’ll admit to the green-eyed monster rearing its head, but my abhorrence of August has a much more superficial basis. When others plan to escape the rat race, they insist that I first assist them in tying up loose ends.

Want examples? I’ve got plenty.

The lease, though effective September 1, needed to be drafted by me one month in advance so that the tenant’s counsel could review and OK it before he went on a three-week cruise.

The file in which the mortgage commitment just came through had to close within five days, as the other attorney was leaving for his home in Vermont.

The contract was emailed me on Monday. The drafting counsel insisted that I have it signed and messengered back the very same day, as she was “traveling for the next two weeks and needed to button this up immediately.”

One colleague was completely transparent when he explained why he was barraging me with weeks of demands all in one afternoon. He wrote, “I need you to take care of all this for me so I can tell my clients they don’t have to worry about a thing while I’m away through Labor Day.”
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