LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Whoa, Doggy!

The buyers’ attorney brought her dog to the closing. While “Mimi” was the cutest little thing, her very presence freaked out the bank attorney.

He lectured the other attorney on her lack of professionalism and on her rudeness. He then segued into questioning who’d pay to clean his rug if the pup had an accident.

“Relax,” said Mimi’s mommy. “She’d never piddle inside.”

What eventually happened might be blamed on the unfamiliar surroundings, or the tension in the room, or the fact that at some point no one was paying Miss Mimi much attention. What is known for sure is that somewhere between the middle and the end of the closing, she pooped right near the bank attorney’s chair. While he was fuming and Mimi’s owner was simultaneously dabbing the rug and apologizing, I made my exit.  I smiled, thinking as any lawyer would, that my colleague had been correct in her representation that her dog would not pee on the rug.
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