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Tossed Salad Friday

~~I asked to use the rest room at a business. “It’s just down the stairs, to the right,” said the receptionist. “You’ll see it!” I walk down the stairs and observe a long wall, with perhaps a door down at the end, so I walk there, open the door, and spot storage boxes piled high and wide. I go back to where I started and notice there’s a hallway behind the stairs as well. I walk back there into a room filled with people, and ask for the bathroom. They all point to the right, so off I go. With the staircase well behind me, I finally spot the site I’m searching for! Afterwards, I retrace my steps and return to the place where I started, where I have to apologize to the person now waiting for me. When I briefly explain my little trek, he says, “Sorry. We have a rest room up here. “K” just sends people downstairs because it’s also her job to clean our bathroom.”

~~ While waiting at the copy machine during a closing, I overheard a snippet of an argument from another transaction: “It was good enough for us for 20 years… you think you’re better than us?”

~~What is it about voice mail that makes some people race to say their phone number in less than two seconds? A guy the other day spoke in a normal cadence, then zoomed through his number like the digits were on fire!

~~As long as I’m griping about voicemail messages, how about you take an extra moment to spell out an email address? I listened to a caller’s message, heard “ppaliccotto at…” and emailed that address. It was returned; I listened again, heard the same thing, and tried again. When the emails continued to come back, I stopped trying, only to learn two days later that it was bbalizzoppa. My hearing’s pretty good, but even if it wasn’t, would it be so very difficult to add “P as in Peter…” when leaving a message? I can’t be the only one who was ever confused by pp’s, zz’s, bb’s, ccs, and tt’s!

~~ Is there anything that can make a person paranoid faster than wearing white clothing and white shoes? I’m not imagining it— the world goes out of its way to send spills, splatters, scuffs, sneezes, and smudges towards me the second I don white!

Image from beautifulshoes.org

Have a great weekend!



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