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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ This week it was sort-of cool to be a lawyer. I explained to many clients and friends what “germane” meant, what DOMA had denied, and what “no standing” signifies.  I had to explain about gerrymandering and poll taxes, and how affirmative action doesn’t equal a handout.

~~ I’m actually still a bit sleep-deprived from watching Texas State Senator Wendy R. Davis filibuster a bill that would severely restrict reproductive freedom and shutter many of the state’s abortion clinics. Besides my unabashed admiration, which grew as the minutes ticked off until 1:00 am NY-time, I came up with a few more reactions and inquiries:

  • Where the hell was every all-news channel and broadcast network? Why didn’t anyone cover this on the TV? I was watching a YouTube livestream on my computer and then my phone, but it would have been great to see this covered live on MSNBC or CNN (we searched and searched, but not a glimpse was found).

  • By the time her Democratic colleagues picked up the ball and started the barrage of parliamentary inquiries, and the jam-packed galley broke out into “The Eyes of Texas,” this born-and-raised New Yorker was embarrassed that I’d thought that LBJ, Molly Ivins, and Ann Richards were the only progressive thinkers Texas had ever produced.

  • Rick Perry is all over the NY airwaves trying to entice businesses to come on down to his state, where he says there’s a lot less taxes and fewer regulations. I guess the Gov must mean men-run and men-staffed businesses only, because women who show up in his state will find their uteruses subject to government control.

~~ After Monday’s high, on Tuesday I watched the SCOTUS bring us back into the first half of the last century. Yes, I know they didn’t completely eliminate civil rights, but damn, they set the bar so high that the impoverished and the undereducated will be less likely to reach it. (I say SCOTUS, but I mean Justice Kennedy. It's usually a 4-4 court until he swings one way or the other.)

~~ You knew I’d get to Wednesday, where the SCOTUS dragged themselves almost back to the present. DOMA’s dead (though it should never have been passed, Bill) and California couples who want to marry are free of the shackles placed on them by the Mormon Church, among others. Voters should not have the right to legislate against the rights of others, and neither your marriage nor mine will crumble because others get married.

~~I hope my sounding off today satisfies the readers of this blog who express disappointment when I ramble on Fridays without ever getting on my soapbox.   However, for those who prefer their Tossed Salad days to be politic-free, I hope you won’t mind a bit of gender-joshing.  Because, dear readers, it is definitely not about the nail!

Have a great weekend! Happy birthday Barry!



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