LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

I Love a Parade!

The closing room in a rather large law firm had a full glass wall separating it from the corridor leading to offices, cubicles, etc.

My client and I sat facing the glass. Every so often, it would cross my mind that this was a very active law firm, as there was an-almost constant stream of people crossing by the window. Each one of them seemed to be female, and all of them seemed to be in no rush to get where they were headed.

At one point, I made an innocent remark to the law firm’s paralegal. “Wow! You almost need a traffic cop in that hallway.” She laughed but said nothing else as the marchers continued to file past. My client rarely looked up, and none of the passersby made any impression.

After the closing concluded and my client departed, I was packing up my briefcase. When the paralegal returned for her file, she remarked, “I didn’t say anything before because I didn’t want to embarrass your client. But all the women were passing by to look at him.” She smiled and said, “He was some kind of handsome, but he didn’t seem to be a flirt.”

I agreed that he was good-looking, and left it at that. I didn’t tell her that if one of the eligible men at the firm had lingered by the window and tried to catch my client’s eye, there was a possibility that he could have had a banner day.
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