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Do Me a Favor?

The buyer’s attorney called, asking if I could help her out.  It seems she’d let the lease lapse on her car, and wouldn’t be getting a new one until she found “a new car at a lower price.” So since we had a closing together, could I pick her up at the train station and she'd ride along with me to the closing?

My mind starts racing for excuses. After all, she’s actually a stranger, she should have rented a car or otherwise made arrangements for this gap, this wasn't an emergency, and what will I do if I’m responsible for making her late to the next train after the closing ends?  Will I have to hang out with her, or could I just drop her off with a “See ya” and leave her there?

I need to respond, and I feel bad saying no to a request for a favor.  Maybe I’m just a tad paranoid, or a bit anti-social, but isn’t it really peculiar that she asked me instead of her own clients?

As seconds tick by, I am on the verge of caving in, until inspiration hits me. “There’s no train station that I know of around that area. Which station are we talking about?” When she mentioned the station, I was able to say (with a clear conscience), “That’s really not an area I’m familiar with, and it’s not on my way from the stop I need to make before our closing. I think it’s best if you check with your own clients or call a cab.”

As the closing wrapped up, I heard her asking her clients if it was OK to add the reimbursement for the cab onto their legal bill. I didn’t stick around for the answer, but you have to give her credit for being a very straightforward mooch, don’t you?



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