LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

The seller was very angry that my clients’ bank couldn’t close on the day she wanted, so she decided that she’d stare at the closing attorney, non-stop, for 90 minutes.

At first, I didn’t notice what was happening (I’m more into eavesdropping than observing). Then I heard the lender’s counsel say, “Ma’am, is there a problem?” followed by, “Seriously, Ms. X, is something the matter?”

When she didn’t reply and wouldn’t avert her eyes, the closing attorney asked her counsel to step outside with him. However, whatever was said didn’t make one bit of a difference in the long run, but at least we all got a glimpse into her motivation.  During a whispered exchange with her attorney once he returned to the conference room, we all heard the seller say, “Too bad he’s uncomfortable now. I wanted to close last Thursday!”
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