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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ After my son’s college graduation, held at his school’s sports arena, I saw a sign on a wall that seemed to sum up the future for graduates as they posed underneath it with family and friends.  Heck, I think it describes life for us all. Which direction have you gone?
~~ So Michele Bachmann is retiring, possibly because of an ethics investigation. I really don’t care why she’s going, but the punch lines and contradictions are so deliciously abundant that I really don’t know which ones to choose.  Maybe I’ll just be happy that she’ll be out of the House, standing on the sidelines, safe from ethical inquiries, telling us all how “true patriots” act.

~~ I have a bad feeling about an upcoming closing. It’s a residential cash deal, and it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, but the other attorney wondered if I could possibly “be sure we’re done in two hours” to accommodate his next appointment. Does this mean he generally makes things harder than they have to be, or does he think all other attorneys are less competent than he is?

~~ Some interesting things are percolating in real estate. There’s cautious enthusiasm, which is much better than pervasive negativity. But buyers and sellers still haven’t properly embraced their new roles, so I’m watching to see how things settle in by the time schools let out in late June.

~~ I just finished reading a book that had a very good main story, but so many characters and sub-stories that I found myself going back time after time to figure out who was who and what they had to do with the primary tale. Would you want a recommendation about a book like that? I’m not sure I should share what was a frustrating read, even though the key characters and central story were worthwhile. (The story was independently published, and it screamed for a good editor. I know that if I’d had a chance, I would have said “lose him,” “lose her,” and “lose this whole minor meandering” quite often.)

~~ The restaurant advised when we called that, despite the lack of any vegan option on the menu, it would be happy to prepare a vegetable and rice dish for me.  When we arrived and I tried to order, I was told by the server (after consultation with the kitchen) that the only possible things I would be served were “a green salad and French fries.” It’s funny how the restaurant had a beautifully painted sign proclaiming The Ocean Fixes Everything, yet their kitchen couldn’t even fix anything more than lettuce and fried potatoes.

~~Can you believe tomorrow is June 1? My favorite time of year begins… now!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’m down to one team to root for, and they've been sweeping hot this week.




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