LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I've heard so many people express trepidation about trips to the dentist. That’s usually no big deal for me, because the visit is just a part of one day, twice a year. But an eye exam is much more stressful, in my book. “Is it better this way or better this way?” is hard, people! I’m sometimes unsure, as they both look about the same to me, even after asking for do-overs, yet answering incorrectly means that I’ll have to live with the wrong contact lenses for a year or more. Photo by noir imp on Flickr

~~Maybe I committed to a “better that way” when I should have said “better this way” last time I visited the eye doctor, because this time around, I was told that my eyesight improved! At my age, I was convinced that nothing gets better, so that was a shocker.  But it was welcome news, nevertheless.

~~ I call the number on the business card I’m provided and leave a message for my client’s mortgage rep. Then I leave another the next day.  When I receive no response, I tell my client, who apparently berates her rep. The rep calls me and says, “Oh, I never check that inbox. You’re best off calling XXX-WWW-ZZZZ. It’s just not on my card because I don’t give that number out to everybody.” Raise your hand if you think this guy will last long in the business.

~~I heard from a client that his real estate agent “preferred” that he not hire me because I “take way too much time going over contracts.” He’d said he was already looking forward to working with me, and now he was even more certain that he’d made the correct choice. It’s so ridiculous to get a bum rap for doing the right thing, but it’s certainly a criticism that I can easily live with.

~~My smart phone is often nothing more than a pain-in-the-ass.  Since a lot of my daily work is writing, editing, revising, and reading, it’s very difficult to actually do that work on a phone.  However, that doesn’t stop my phone from repeatedly heralding the arrival of more work. Ba, bum, new e-mail! Ba-bum, new voicemail! Ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum, more work, more work, more work!

Happy birthday Shari and Gary! Have a great weekend everyone!
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