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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I checked in with a friend in Boston to make sure she was OK.  Here is her reply: We're good. We were at mile 21, which was all just happy and victorious as usual. We had some tense moments finding [some relatives and friends], but they are all safe. [Another family member] was between the two explosions, is physically fine and says he's fine, and of course I'm so grateful and scared just even thinking about that. So far, I've been able to keep the news from [young child] and we are still enjoying school vacation week - playgrounds, puppet shows, etc. Thanks so much for thinking of us - it is weird and scary and sad, and I know all you New Yorkers know that far too well.

~~ The buyer’s attorney appeared distracted. Finally he admitted that he was having a hard time focusing, as he’d just learned that a one of his in-laws was diagnosed with cancer… and he was going to have to break the news about her loved one to his wife right after the closing. That made all the irritation of my day fade away.

~~ Why did the Mets play in 27 degrees yesterday? The Boys of Summer shouldn’t play in parkas.

~~ Next time I think I have a good idea, I hope someone loves me enough to say, “Not so fast!”

~~ It’s been said that on Twitter you decide that you really like some total strangers… and on Facebook, you start detesting some friends. I believe that is absolutely accurate.

~~ My mother’s birthday is coming up. I’m tearing up just thinking about how much I miss her; it’s been 25 years since she’s been gone. If she saw that I was crying, she’d probably offer me a cup of tea and a hug, and reassure me that whoever was hurting me wasn’t worthy of my attention. How do you ever get over losing your chief cheerleader and unabashed fan?

~~The buyers’ attorney was flabbergasted that the two real estate agents were so dotingly playful and attentive to the seller’s toddler, keeping him amused for over one hour.  I wasn’t in the least bit surprised, since at the end of their babysitting duties, they each received a check for $11,800. I’d babysit the worst hellion (can there actually be a better hellion?) for that hourly wage!

Have a wonderful weekend! Knicks start the playoffs and the Rangers are fighting to survive.



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