LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The license plate read “PTA Pres.” Sorry if that’s your car I spotted, and if I now make you feel insulted, but… seriously?

~~The man was griping, “Anybody could do what I do. I think they should train monkeys to do my job.” Since I was eavesdropping, I couldn’t actually tell if he believed that his talents weren’t being sufficiently utilized, if he felt underappreciated by his boss, or if he just had complete disdain for his job. Whatever the case, I moved away thinking, Hmmmmmmmmm, trained monkeys would be a great help around my office!

~~ I’m reading The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days by Ian Frazier. cursing mommy I can’t stop laughing! It's hilarious, and clever, and an all-round fun book. (photo from Amazon)

~~ How did gun-crime prevention go off the rails in DC before it even got on the train? I’m flabbergasted, but worse than that, I’m frightened. Why does anyone, in or out of his or her right mind, with or without a criminal intent, need a arsenal designed to kill an oncoming battalion?

~~Am I the only sports-obsessed person who doesn’t give a free-throw about March Madness? I can’t root for coaches, and I don’t see the point of getting all worked up when players are being taken advantage of so the NCAA can make a freakin’ fortune. Pay the players and make them stay for four years and then we can talk, OK?

~~ Passover is next week, and I’m not a fan. Vegans don’t fare well with a holiday that needs more eggs than the Easter Bunny does, plus it’s so expensive to stock up on food that no one enjoys anyway. But nevertheless, I get to break bread matzoh with my family for two days in a row, and that’s a wonderful thing. Plus, the holiday’s early arrival this year means an early departure. So it’s not all bad, right?

Have a great weekend!

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