LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Cautious Progress

A friend checked in to see how things were going. I don’t know if your business has picked up but I sense that the economy will begin to surge in the coming months.  How are you doing?

I replied, There's more business but it is falling apart at the same rate as the deals used to do.  Sellers think they can hold out for more, buyers think they can always do better, and banks still don't seem to care.  I'm busier, but the bottom line isn't better.

I do see some improvements on the fringes, which is better than further unraveling.  While there’s more interest than there has been in quite a few years, it’s still a teensy bit tentative.  I’m hoping that this embryonic resurgence is analogous to the wanna-be swimmer who sticks one toe in the water, and then another, before jumping in with enthusiasm!
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