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Tossed Salad Friday

~~Two men are sitting at a nearby restaurant table. One is looking at photos of the other’s two-month-old baby, offering compliments. When they apparently got to a baby-in-bath picture, the new daddy says, “Saturday was the first time we gave him a bath. Not that we didn’t clean him. We washed him with a rag.” Says the other guy, “You mean a sponge bath?” Replies the first, “Yeah, I guess so.”
~~It’s amazing to me that many people in this country actually advocate for unfettered access to guns, and wholeheartedly support paying people who work full-time a wage they can’t live on. I was told that both the POTUS and I have a “liberal agenda” that was “ruining this country.”  Because, c’mon, the country would be so much better off if high-power machine guns were sold at Macy’s!

~~He may have gotten laughs, but what Chris Rock said about the minimum wage is absolutely true. 
Employers paying meager wages to those supporting themselves only pay it because they have to… if the feds or state said $5.00/hour was sufficient, they’d only pay that, I’m sure. And they’d also be the first ones to gripe about the working poor taking “handouts” from the taxpayers, like food assistance and health care.

~~ I know running a business is hard. But I truly believe (and have practiced what I preached) that respect and concern for employees and your community should never be sacrificed for personal profit. Otherwise, you are part of the problem and not the solution.

~~ On the other hand, I envy the millionaire NBA players who get a break this weekend. It’s an honor to be playing in the All-Star game, I’m sure, but the ones who aren’t chosen get to kick back and not work. And bask in the knowledge that people like me are exceedingly jealous of them!

~~ I wrote a blog entry not that long ago, wondering why we still need fax machines. While we may be less reliant on them, a large portion of Japan is dependent on them, even buying battery-powered ones for emergency use! http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/14/world/asia/in-japan-the-fax-machine-is-anything-but-a-relic.html?_r=0&adxnnl=1&ref=todayspaper&adxnnlx=1360871482-MX1vwvdV4tMumU9id588dQ  I wonder if the doomsday preppers in Japan are stocking huge supplies of thermal paper along with their freeze-dried food.

Have a great weekend!



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