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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ “Where did the time go?” he asks me. “You look the same as the last time I saw you!” You’d think that was flattering, except that his daughter told me he needs cataract surgery on both eyes.

~~Though we don’t have dental insurance, I try never to neglect taking care of my teeth.  I have a perpetually painful tooth, and as my son was home from college, it seemed like a good time for a visit to the dentist. We were steered towards someone much closer than our previous dentist, and off we went. First off, I detest medical paperwork that makes you write your name and the date at the top of each page, and then has you sign, print your name, and date at the bottom of the same page. And this office had multiple pages like that! However, that was nothing compared to what happened afterwards, where we each saw Dr. Tooth for under one minute each! I called him back to say, “I am in constant pain…” and he deigns to take a look in my mouth (he’d merely glanced at the X-rays before slinking away).  After the most cursory look and listen to my tale of woe, he says, “We can try ____ and see.” And with that, he was gone! I’d paid $600 for that?   Anyone know how much an attentive and concerned dentist costs?

~~The robber-baron dentist probably eliminated my ability to buy a new printer. My present one should be in a retirement village, as it reminds me each time it churns out a page: This is hard work… put me out to pasture, please…oh dear, please don’t make me do this…. (picture Jason Kidd gasping on the court and you’ve got my printer, but he has trainers and oxygen therapists waiting to work on him).

~The solicitor for a cause I respect calls, so I politely tell her not to waste her breath. I won’t give money over the phone and have no funds now. “OK, so I’ll put you down for a $100 and you can send me a check,” she says. My next response was less polite, and finally, hanging up was rather rude on my part.

~~The January 28 entry on this blog was very thought-provoking http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/. Having morphed from a desk job with decent pay and regular time off into someone who can’t find a moment’s down time (or visit a dentist and also replace her geriatric printer), I understand both sides of her argument. And I agree with both.

~~It took three e-mails to set up a phone call. What has shifted in the universe?

~~If you love to read and want to support efforts to help Long Island rebuild, post-Sandy, please buy a raffle ticket to win a great big pile of books (most signed by the authors): http://boatingtimesli.com/NY/win-a-boatload-of-books-3/

Have a great weekend! The new issue of the magazine is online for your reading enjoymen www.boatingtimesli.com  There'll be no Super Bowl prediction from me, as I’m just happy the Pats aren’t there!





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