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I Gave Up Getting Over You Today

I was as glad to say adiós to 2011 as I am to say it to 2012.  Heck, I’ve been looking forward to a better year since 2006! 

In the middle of this year, I waited with my nose pressed up against the glass, sensing a financial naissance. That anticipation was soon stillborn: a hurricane and a flood can sure flatline a real estate resuscitation in a hurry.  Just like I didn’t jump on the legal bandwagon of enabling foreclosures or falsely promising modifications, I’m not out trolling for Sandy survivors seeking to sue their insurers. Some of my wealthy colleagues will certainly sneer as they leave me in the dust of their Mercedes, but my karma isn’t for sale.    

If I completely embraced the whole universal-payback belief, I’d be miserable wondering what I had done to deserve the distress I’ve been delivered. Yet, I’m convinced that the deeds of a person lift up or poison one’s heart, and so I steer clear of toxicity.

Maybe that’s why 2012 had some wonderful kindnesses, such as friends who treated to dinner and a show when I’d worked for one year without a day off, and a classmate who reached out to offer potentially productive advice.  A religious group dried my tears, and a friend gave me something beautiful and new just when I lamented how everything I still owned was well past its prime. These considerations, and a few others, are indelibly etched onto my psyche.  If I ever can again help others, I will do so without hesitation and with no strings attached.

So shalom, 2012.  You were unkind to me, and yet I count myself so lucky to have not been a parent who sent a child to a movie or a school, never to see her or him again. I have a roof over my head and plenty of warm sweaters. And I am part of a priceless karma chain; I hope that all of you are, too.  Whether you’re a recipient or a giver, I hope we’ll all be part of a rising tide of good things in 2013.  Happy New Year!



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