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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve to come and go.  Then I won’t have to say, “No, nothing special planned. How about you?” again for 12 more months!

~~Today is one of the special days in my world. It’s my daughter’s birthday! It’s easy to love one’s child, but it’s so much better if you’d want to be in that person’s company even if she weren’t yours. That’s my daughter:  a wonderful person I love knowing!

~~As her birthday is so close to Christmas, my daughter has furnished our extended family with a tradition we have enjoyed, without fail, for 29 years. As none of us celebrate Christmas, we’re all free to gather around bagels, birthday cake, and the Knicks, schmoozing and enjoying each other’s company one last time for the year. Our group has shrunk a bit as my mom and dad passed and my in-laws moved away, and grown as kids were born and “Nanny” joined in. Now we’ve happily added my daughter’s significant other and his family.  Though my daughter gets the gifts, I treasure Christmas day more than gold!

~~Is it your experience, like mine, that it takes twice as long to put stuff away from a party as it does to set it up?

~ Hanukkah Dec 22 2012My family has other traditions, including an annual Hanukkah party.  That was last weekend, and brings in relatives from the tri-state area.  We all gather at the home of one of my brothers/sisters-in-law and eat latkes, listen to the same jokes told to new attendees (and nostalgic family members), and marvel at what has become of the Smith family from Brooklyn.  This is another gathering that is more precious than gems of any kind.

~~Like many card-carrying Jews, we go to the movies Christmas Eve (no Chinese food for us:  my husband has always asserted he is Jewish, yet he doesn’t care for the cuisine). This year, we saw Lincoln— what a powerful movie, well-acted and superbly directed. It should probably win many awards, though you can’t go by me, as I usually see just one movie per year (all that’s required in my Jew-manual).

~~ So we’re going off the fiscal cliff? How hard is it to fathom that the oppressive legislation that was passed to ensure that its very harshness would prevent its enactment will become law next week? I understand democracy as well as anyone, I guess, but it’s still hard to stomach how the voters of Speaker Boehner’s district get to thwart the will of all the people who elected the POTUS.

~~Tax hikes don’t scare me because I don’t have much income. However, the concept of protecting the rich while squishing the working class and squeezing the unemployed and unable is bloodcurdling. Will I end up on an FBI list if I advocate for power to the people?

Have a wonderful weekend!  The NFL regular season is coming to an end, which is a small blessing. And the #$#@#%$ NHL has screwed the fans six ways to Sunday, so there’s only basketball. But the sport scene is far from bleak right now, as the Knicks are ablaze!






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