LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Wednesday

Lucky you, you get a tossed salad two days early this week!  This way you won’t be all bloated heading into Thanksgiving.

~~ The newest issue of my magazine in online!  Please check out for some great human interest stories, tips for overcoming fear of the water, and lots of great gift ideas for all, starting at $2.99!

~~I have so much to be grateful for, despite the many hardships of this year. My family, my friends, my clients, my colleagues, and my readers are a terrific bunch of people, and I glad that I have you all in my life (well, not the attorney who looks like the Joker and acts like Dr. Evil, or you, the lawyer with lies coming out of both sides of your mouth at the same time, or you, armpit-flashing tyrant-asurus hex, and especially not you, nasty Twitter-stalker… you’re all free to exit stage left).

~~I look forward to Thanksgiving every year because I see my family and get a bit of a work break.  Yet thinking of all the gentle creatures who are senselessly and cruelly slaughtered to act as centerpieces (and then become left-overs) make me very upset. I’m not here to convert anyone to veganism, but I’d be less than true to my beliefs if I didn’t share a photo of a turkey like “Bubbles.”bubbles_ny Does an animal’s death really make your day better?

~~ Thanksgiving would be my favorite holiday if the weather was warmer. Notwithstanding the chill, there are no gifts involved, no dress code, and no religious overtones or social undertones. The election squabbling is over (well, except for some haters looking to secede and form Whitemenastan) and the relentless push towards holiday consumerism is on hold for a few more hours (apart from the shopping aficionada who keeps refreshing her phone until the Black Friday shopping cart goes live— I see you!).

~~A client once summed up the holiday this way: “I love Thanksgiving; it’s the official holiday of nap-takers and over-eaters.”

Have a great holiday, and a wonderful extended weekend! Stay safe, stay warm, and if you’re shopping, dining out, or fall ill during the holiday, thank the workers for sacrificing their holiday to care for you.


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