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Tossed Salad Friday

~~I went to a legal seminar conducted by a speaker with a heavy New Jersey-ish accent.  He kept referring to a tax requirement for a “defined” benefit, but each time it sounded like he said “divine.”  I would love some divine benefits, as the mortal ones pretty much suck these days.

~~ At this seminar, I was appalled that financial planners were trumpeting a profit sharing plan that saved employers money if they hired younger workers. As a lawyer, all I could basically hear was blah, blah, less costly based on how far away from age 62, blah, blah, age discrimination lawsuit, blah, blah.  everystockphoto_118148_m

~~ I went to this seminar as a favor, not by choice (I’m scrounging money for eye drops, so an investment seminar is ludicrous).  On the upside, I did meet a nice woman there.  We discovered how much we had in common, including how close her grandkids live to me, how we’re both vegan, and how neither one of us would ever counsel clients to consider an employment benefit that might even subconsciously trigger age discrimination!

~~ Hey, Yankee fans? Have a nice day.

~~ OK, you knew I’d have a lot to say about the debate, right? Do I really need to discuss how Mitt didn’t know any qualified women even though he’d been in business for years? How he even lied about the genesis of the binders full of women, and instead of answering the question about equal pay, he talked about letting women go home to make DINNER? Look, it’s all about money to Mr. CEO, and that’s why he opposes mandated equal pay for women (or increases in minimum wage). Just think how much richer the 1% will get if they can continue to pay capable women 23% less than men to do the same jobs!

dinner early

~~ How about the news flash that single parents have a hand in fostering gun violence? Is it worse to place blame at those who may be struggling alone… or do so in front of the POTUS, a man you know was raised by a single mother?

~~It started with the opposition’s pledge to oppose the President Obama at every turn, picked up speed by yelling “You lie!” during a State of the Union, and has festered through scads of other intolerant, biased, hate-filled acts and accusations. Now the lack of respect for our country and its leader was trotted out on stage by a bullying candidate, and then magnified by one of his sons, who said he wanted to take a swing at the POTUS! How are you elevating the discussion or the consciousness in any positive way by spewing hate and intolerance?

~~ Look around… hate is everywhere. If you work for minimum wage, your boss resents you. If you have a pre-existing condition, insurers detest you. If you want to control your own reproductive freedom, strangers want to oppress you. If you're gay but want to enjoy the same rights as straight couples, homophobes love to suppress you.  Hate is being allowed to flourish, and heartlessness is the new black.

Shake it off, do something positive, and have a great weekend!






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