LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ An organizational expert tweeted that you should “never have more than 10 pens in a pen holder.”  Did someone actually research that? And, more importantly, is there some sort of pen-mageddon if, heaven help us, 11 pens get together?

~~ The sign outside a doorway proclaimed POSITIVELY NO SMOKING. Do you think that the overkill comes from a particular peeve of the person ordering the sign, or of the puffers who try to congregate there?

~~ I just read Gold by Chris Cleave. It was spectacularly well-written, at times gripping my heartstrings and at others, boosting my adrenaline. The story is about Olympic-caliber cyclers and their races towards medals and maturity. The real winner is the book’s reader, as far as I am concerned!

~~ Do you know anyone shopping for an-almost new 2012 Prius 2? priusIt was literally driven by a little old lady (my mother-in-law), who bought it months before her home state refused to renew her driver’s license.  It’s priced to sell at thousands of dollars less than new! Here are the details:  Barcelona red,  50 MPG combined city/hwy, push button start with multi-information display, power heated outside mirrors, tire pressure monitoring system, door and front airbag system, side curtain and door knee airbag, door and front passenger active headrests, power windows, power door locks, AM, FM CD with mp3, IPOD control and USB jack, Bluetooth, cruise control, tilt and telescopic steering wheel with controls, auto climate control, and halogen lights with auto off feature. Call 631-682-6551.

~~Boating Times Long Island is looking to hire full and part-time advertising salespersons. If you’re looking for employment, call the Publisher at the number on this “Contact” link:

~~ Undecided voters are now called “low-information voters.” Having lived around a formerly indecisive person, I know that a lack of info is not always what paralyzes a person into vacillating uncertainty.  Sometimes there is too much to digest… so will bombarding these uncertain citizens with multiple stump speeches plus not-always-factual ads and robo calls actually help them make up their minds?

~~ Or then there’s this approach for helping voters make up their minds (watch the volume if you're at work with others):

Have a good weekend! This is the last Friday I will be able to root on the Mets until March, 2013. That makes me very sad, especially after a performance (and a season) like R.A. Dickey's. Yet I am also the slightest bit grateful for a break in my anguish. Hear that, Jets?

Let’s Go Mets!


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