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Tossed Salad Friday

~~A colleague told me that he was flustered when a “20-something” client said, “You remind me so much of my father.”  He’s 35, so we both had a bit of guilty fun speculating what her family life must have been like!

~~ A woman I didn’t know called me, all friendly and chatty, to “invite” me to a formal party that her boss (someone I knew in passing) was hosting.  She rattled off a bunch of regional sports figures who’d be attending, and touted the tasty food and drinks to be served.  Then she asked, breathlessly, “Shall I put you down as coming?”  Puzzled, and leery, I asked her to email me the details.  She agreed, though she sounded reluctant.  No wonder, because if I just said “yes” to her alluring pitch, I would have shown up (with my spouse) at a fundraiser where the minimum donation was $250 per person!

~~ How’d you like to be a member of Congress? You utilize money from special interests to be elected, you receive regular paychecks from the taxpayers (plus sweet benefits), you spout usually useless opinions, take a vacation in August, work for a few days in September, and then recess until November… not a bad gig!  If it wasn’t for all the damn citizens griping, the nosy Justice department probing, and the journalists exposing the human casualties (see Veterans, Unemployed), crumbling infrastructure, conflicts of interest, cons, and confused messages sent out here and abroad, I bet no one would ever voluntarily leave such a sweet job.

~~ A friend says, “I thought Mitt was secretly middle-of-the-road. Now I know he’s just a cruel snob who is out for his own interests.”

~~ My husband has a family member who is severely disabled. He receives a government check, lives in government housing, and pays no income taxes. Yet I am fairly certain that he doesn’t feel “entitled.”

~~ I saw an interesting question posed on Facebook this week:  “If you are campaigning for a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage, does that mean the Constitution currently allows it?”

Have a good weekend! And yes, risking all forms of justifiable scorn and ridicule after their second-half skid (including last night’s humiliating drubbing), I will still continue to cheer for the Mets until the season mercifully concludes.

Let’s Go Mets!




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