LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Thanks, Mr. President, for choosing to say “choice” in your speech so many times. And thank you for bringing me into the process once again.  I did accomplish many things in the past four years, because I voted.

~~ Bill Clinton is the Paul McCartney of my middle years, plain and simple. His words are music to my ears, and he is now a vegan, like Paul!

~~ Regular readers know my philosophy is that we are all in this life together.  I loved how DNC convention speakers and attendees echo that mantra.  They may have been preaching to the choir, but lordy, were they singing my song!

~~ Why would you trash blondes in an email to a total stranger? That’s what someone did when he pitched me for a magazine story and added in this lame line: “I’ll make it simple enough so that even blondes will get it! J  As a DNA blonde, buddy, I’ll make this clear enough so any dim-witted wanna-be writer will get it:  no assignment for you!

~~ During Wednesday’s Mets game, one of the announcers, Howie Rose, was waxing nostalgic about back-to-school shopping at Robert Hall.  My dad took my brothers there each year (despite their protests), and the moment Howie mentioned the commercials, I flashed right back to these ads which seem to saturate the airwaves year after year:

Have a good weekend! I am so glad football is back (though I detest that it signals the onset of autumn, my second-most detested season).

Let’s Go Mets!


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