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We Can See Clearly Now

The buyers wanted to close the week before Labor Day so their kids could start in school on time.  The sellers protested that they always take the last two weeks of August off to go biking and backpacking through Maine.

The contract called for a closing “on or about” the middle of August, but the buyers did not yet have a firm mortgage commitment before the sellers started packing their vacation gear.

The buyers begged and pleaded with the sellers to stay or designate someone as their Power of Attorney, but the homeowners would have none of that. They needed to go to Maine "to clear their brains," they wanted to be at the closing, and they oreferred to move their belongings out only when the deal was done. 

School would be starting the Wednesday after Labor Day, so my suggestion that we close on Tuesday was acceptable to both sides. The sellers would be back by then and the buyers could skedaddle over to school right from the closing and show the registrar a copy of their Deed.

You knew there would be a twist, and here it is:  a gully or gulch or something like that washed out, somehow hampering the sellers, who never made it back from their vacation on Labor Day. The good news is that the adjourned closing took place on Wednesday, and the kids were in school by recess.  The bad news is that while they were stranded, the sellers had time to contemplate whether selling their house was actually such a good thing. They decided that they wanted to keep the house, and so they spent the first 45 minutes of the closing repeatedly brandishing their checkbook and demanding of the buyers, “Name your price!” or “What’ll it take to make you forget about our house?”



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