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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Yesterday’s New York Times had a front page story on the improvements in the housing market. Don’t be fooled by July’s stats. I think that they are way higher than the numbers we’ll hear for August, if you go by my phones (dead) and buyers visiting clients’ listed homes (none).

~~ While tooling around the internet to find some topics for my magazine, I came across some “advice” one boater was giving others on divorce strategy:   Once you find an attorney, ask them to name the three worst attorneys they had to deal with in divorce court. Then go have a consoltation [sic] with each of them. (even if it cost you money) Your spouse will no longer be able to use them, and it might save you a ton of money in the long run. Jeez, Louise!

~~I have many qualms about the business of organized religion, but I religiously paid the yearly fees so that I might observe the High Holidays in a house of worship.  This year, I am wondering whether the price tag to pay is worth skimping on essentials for weeks, if not months. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, G-d: you’ve set up a pay wall, yet you haven’t sent me enough clients to justify the luxury of “public” prayer.

~~ My son received a gift of Mets tickets for Wednesday night’s game. I actually felt reluctance for the first time ever to see a game from the stadium, as a great deal of passion has been battered and beaten out of me. I hadn’t seen a win in person since 2010, and my record remains intact. There was little life in the stands and seemingly less on the field (though it looks prtetty).

Citi at sunset small-ish

Since the Bush Recession struck us senseless, we only go to games when tickets are offered. Yet we still make some contribution to the team’s earnings through parking, food, and other concessions.  I don’t see how ownership can justify asking fans to pull money out of their pockets and stuff the team coffers when the experience they present is mediocre. I’m a fan, for goodness’ sake, so I don’t expect a win every time. But I do have an expectation that I’ll be entertained, enthralled, and engaged during the game. Not shut out of all my enthusiasm before I even reach the ballpark.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by today? Have a good weekend!

Let’s Go Mets!




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