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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The buyers mentioned that they were vegan, and I said that I was, too. “Really?” said she. “You seem so mainstream.”

~~ My son was presented with Mets’ tickets. We sat though a horrible game, what with the Mets stinking up the place and hordes of huge moths dive-bombing us for the last three innings or so. I toyed with the idea of leaving early, but that goes so against my grain that we stayed (something may happen, prods my delusional optimism).  You know that cliché about a bad day at the ballpark beating a good day at work? It is so true!

~~ Will someone please explain to me why Harry Reid must “prove” that Mitt Romney paid taxes over the past decade? Why isn’t the man begging to be elected President of our government delighted to show how much he supported the U.S.A. in taxes? 


~~I know politics is filled with hypocrites, but Mitt seems to have exceeded his bullshit quota.  Let’s just scratch the surface:  He says he supports Israel and courts Jews, but is proud to be a member of a religion that habitually goes to Jewish cemeteries and converts the deceased into Mormons. He thinks he should provide less in tax information than most people applying for mortgages. He says that he’s “not a business,” but “corporations are people, my friend.” He wants us to believe he’s the epitome of the American Dream, but needs us to forget about the large inheritance from his parents, the Chinese factories, and the accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. 


~~ I can hear at least one of my readers saying, “But Obama did (or said)…” in response to the above. Say that all you want on your own blog, and send me the link.  I’ll gladly read it, but there’s nothing that would make me change my vote.  I care about social progress, reproductive freedom, equality, pay parity, health care for all (not just Congressional reps), gun control and so many other things that are anathema to the GOP (and the TeaOP). ß They say the most important issue is “the economy,” but only as it affects others, like teachers, civil engineers, and firefighters, who need their wages frozen, and public assistance recipients, who shouldn’t get a dime from the frigging wage earners who carry this damn country on their backs, right?


~~Did you ever think to ask why the Chamber of Commerce and so many TeaOpers are spending millions to fight the minimum wage?


~~US-Rowing1OK, off the soapbox and onto the Olympics.  They may be exploitative of athletes, we may be embarrassingly xenophobic, and the commercials are excessive, but I love having sporting events on all day, every day! women's soccer


Have a great weekend!


Let’s Go Mets!





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