LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~What the hell? The mail yielded a 2013 calendar and a sign-up form for a November seminar. It’s barely August!

~~On a TV show, a wealthy character was making a smoothie in a blender. Whir… vroom… whir…. vroom… that baby was booming! I sighed and turned to my husband, saying, “I miss having money. Rich peoples’ blenders go vroom and our blender goes rrrrrrrrr.”

~ A friend asked if things were improving. I said, “Not really,” then added, “But I guess treading water is better than drowning!”

~~Someone else asked me why I thought things were so stagnant. “Isn’t there any money out there?” she wondered. “Yes there is,” I replied, “but those with money aren’t giving, lending, or sharing any of it with those without money.” And yet they still want more tax breaks!

~~Speaking of money, if you missed the link to my latest Huffington Post earlier this week about a landlord coveting cash-laden non-payers, here it is:

~~As long as I’m plugging, the new issue of Boating Times Long Island is out, with great stories for non-boaters, too!

~~A very-right wing, foaming at the mouth anti-Obamite tried to engage me in a political discussion over my “Marxist/socialist view” that all of us in this country are in this together. I wouldn’t sink to his level of name-calling (unlike here), so he called me out on my “anterior motives.” I said nothing in reply, but so much wanted to tell him that he was obviously the one talking from his ass anterior!

Have a great weekend! Happy birthday Hannah!


Let’s Go Mets!


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