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Tossed Salad Friday

~~I am extremely flattered to again represent clients who used my services 20 years ago. They never forgot how “comfortable” they were with me “on their side.” What a welcome compliment.

~~My friend’s mother, Helen, passed away the other day. She was one of the most memorable women I’d ever met; I knew her for about 45 years, so her face appears in many reminiscences. As does her wonderful cooking and sage advice!  She never pulled a punch with me, and I suspect she never did with anyone else. Her family is lucky to have had her adoration and guidance for so many years.

~~While Helen only had 80 years of life before pancreatic cancer took her away, Sally Ride was granted 19 fewer years. What a great loss to those she loved and the people who admired her so much.


~~ Automatic weapon lovers are saying that bringing up gun control now would “politicize” the Colorado shootings. Please. Isn’t it politics when the NRA publishes its lists of the most rabid gun supporters in Congress, and targets for defeat those who want saner laws? Well, maybe it isn’t actually politics, because the NRA is a big freaking moneymaker that doesn’t care about anything but ensuring its own money making existence.  May someone will explain to me how the guns that they push are anymore about freedom than the Marlboros pushed by the tobacco lobby. Cigarettes don’t kill people… people inhale and kill themselves and others, right?

~~ I just wish that everyone who is (deliberately or ignorantly) taking the POTUS out of context would either watch Jon Stewart’s take OR listen to President Obama’s entire speech. Without parents, teachers, scientists, engineers, mentors, investors, customers, where would any of us be? I built my businesses on the shoulders of others, but that's not Marxism.

~~ Though I shudder at even a hint of cold weather, I have never been happier to listen to football pre-season gab than I am this year. Yet I could really, really, really do without one more mention of players who “have a problem with ball security.”


You know I’m delusional and support my teams even though they frequently pummel my emotions, and play havoc with my respiratory and gastric systems. So despite the Mets’ being less than entertaining (last night was great!), I’m not giving up and won't change my signoff. So have a great weekend, and…


Let’s Go Mets!


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Jul. 27th, 2012 07:20 pm (UTC)
Happy weekend!
Sorry to hear of anyone's passing, and such sad news about Sally Ride.

And yes, why can RWNJ's use "freedom" to promote gun ownership but the rest of us can't react to a slaughter by seeking limits? This country only wants to hear from you if you have big bucks.
Jul. 27th, 2012 08:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Happy weekend!
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