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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ My heart is breaking as the tragedy in Colorado unfolds. Why do we need any more such killings? Why is being against gun control considered patriotic by so many? The shooter wielded "weapons of mass destruction," but somehow the politicians aren't against that.

~~The guy was referencing the movie maker Tyler Perry, but kept calling him “Steven Tyler.” When I remarked that he was talking about two completely different people, he remarked, “Hmmmmm. I think they are very easy to mistake for each other.”

~~ A smug CEO was sharing that she thinks some people are too stressed because they confuse  “urgent” with “important,” and therefore try to do everything at once.  That may be the case when you have a support staff and you’re all working towards one goal, but try being a solo practitioner with a bunch of clients who all expect priority attention. I’d never disrespect a client by saying, “I’m sorry, but in order to reduce my stress, I’m reducing the urgency of your concern and classifying it as just important. Rest assured, I’ll get back to you when the urgent issues are resolved.”

~~Gotta love this!

~~Some people are misinterpreting (or distorting) what the POTUS said the other day. As the owner of two businesses, I know that I didn’t create them in a bubble or a vacuum. I got a wonderful education from most of my public school teachers, received a corporate scholarship that permitted me to go to the college(s) of my choice, & then received federal student loans to pay for law school.  I didn’t have rich parents, and so I made my own way.  Once I established my own firm, I relied on clients who took a leap of faith and were willing to hire a less-than-seasoned lawyer. Even now, I rely on their confidence and ability to afford my services.   So yes, Mitt, I had lots of help to start my business.

~~If we use Labor Day as the marker of when summer feels like it ends, then this summer is almost over. How did that happen?

Photo by Demi-Brooke | photojournal on Flickr


Get outside… enjoy the summer! Have a great weekend!


Let’s Go Mets!
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