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Tossed Salad Friday

~~The story on NPR was about those with high self-esteem rarely ever using “I” when they write. I must therefore have zero esteem, as I cannot figure out how to write my blog, about me, without using “I.”

~~ Last week, my husband had a milestone birthday, and I wanted to celebrate his day.  However, my resources are way too limited to buy or make a meal for many, and I have neither the aptitude nor the opportunity to clean my house to entertain. So what to do, what to do? After wracking my brain, I came up with a place that was free and already a bit dirty, and a repast that was tasty and tasteful. I invited family and friends for (domestic) champagne and cupcakes at the beach!

Though Mother Nature gave us a bit of a scare/rain shower before the party commenced, she made up for it with a most spectacular sunset. Against the backdrop of glowing skies, 50 people mingled and raised a toast. The party was for my spouse, but I received a few gifts that night, such as the realization that friends and family are all that really count, and that a five-course meal in a restaurant can’t compete with an astonishing solar display.
Barry's birthday July 1 2012 by Susan Rydell 10

Crowd by Shari

Barry's birthday July 1 2012 by Susan Rydell 13

~~ Remember my new dog Roscoe? He is now named "Mookie!" He and I were in the kitchen while my kids were watching a Mets “Classic” game in the other room. My daughter spotted Mookie Wilson, and as she has for 25+ years, she exclaimed "Mookie!' Roscoe picked up his head and his ears perked up.  I asked my daughter to say it again, and when she said "Mookie," he went running to her.  Now, he wags his tail every time we call him Mookie, so that's his new name. Which I suspect might have been his old name (or something very close). What are the odds against rescuing a dog named after a legendary New York Met?

~~ I was so excited to learn that the Higgs Boson has probably, maybe been pinpointed. But everyone I wanted to talk about it with looked at me like I was speaking gibberish.  That’s OK, really, as I’m not highly physics-conversant, and neither is anyone I know. But really, this is exciting news, and I wanted to discuss matter with someone. Since I couldn’t, this video was somewhat comforting:


Have a great weekend!


Let’s Go Mets!



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