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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ A disgruntled attorney says to me, “Frankly, running a law practice is not worth it anymore. I’m thinking of selling ice cream. What’s the worst that can happen?  Someone doesn’t like vanilla, so I take it back and give them chocolate. No malpractice insurance, no six-page retainer agreements, no cranky clients. Everybody likes ice cream!”


~~ There was a discussion on the Today Show about people “judging” photos of anonymous women. It seems too-thin people are categorized as being vain, among other unkind things, and portly people were deemed lazy or possessing other unflattering traits. It’s not just passers-by who suffer from snap judgments, said the experts. It’s employees who’ll earn less and potential mates who’ll be overlooked because of how their looks pigeonhole them. 


I was furious when I heard this. Stereotypes are not usually productive, and moreover, someone isn’t automatically indolent just because she is plump.  She may be uber-stressed, eating under pressure, and unable to move off her derriere day and night in order to get some exercise.


~~ Speaking of the Today Show, the powers-that-be treated Ann Curry like crap. I didn’t care for her as a host and an interviewer, but she was earnest, intelligent, worldly, and enthusiastic.  But even if she wasn’t all those things, she didn’t deserve public humiliation (even if softened by… gasp… $10 million).


~~ I’ve truly enjoyed the local guessing game triggered by this past Monday’s blog.  I now have a list of attorneys that I will henceforth avoid like the plague!


~~If you receive an invitation from someone, please treat it with respect.  You’re privileged that a friend or relative wants to include you in his or her celebration or event, so a) respond one way or another, and b) if you say yes, don’t back out for another social activity. It’s hurtful to do otherwise.


~~I will miss Nora Ephron’s presence in this world.


~~ My husband’s birthday is this weekend. Though I am a woman of many words, I don’t possess a large enough vocabulary to describe how wonderful he is, and how much he means to me. Happy birthday, Barry!


~~ I promised a photo of our newest family member.  Roscoe is on the right in this picture, with his big brother Freddy on the left.   Freddy & Roscoe smaller
Please check out the rescue group that brought Roscoe into our lives. http://www.reefuge.org/ There’s a dog on the site, “Patch,” that was very sweet and well-behaved, and needs a home. Plus I am sure all their other animals would love to go home with you, too!


Have a great weekend!


Let’s Go Mets!


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Jun. 29th, 2012 01:13 pm (UTC)
I agree about invites
We made a wedding for 125 people, and easily 30 people never responded to the RSVP. How hard is it, really, to check a box, write your name, and lick an envelope?

Besides those people, there were ones who said "yes" then never showed up. "Heh-heh-heh, my bad" said a friend when I called to see if she was OK. Another went, "Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's right. I shoulda let you know we decided to just lay low that day after a stressful week."

What happened to manners? (When did I become my grandma?)

Happy birthday to your husband.
Jun. 29th, 2012 09:50 pm (UTC)
Re: I agree about invites
Grandma was right!

Thanks, and have a great weekend.
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