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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ While waiting in a line at CVS the other day, I spotted the cover of one of those tabloid-y magazines, featuring some “teen mom” being harassed in jail “because of her fame.” Truth is, I had no idea who she was, and I still care too little to google her. I have abandoned all pretext of grasping pop culture, as there are too few available moments in my day to keep current about Syria and understand fracking. Sorry, teen mom.


~~ While working out the other morning, a giant wasp flew past my head. We’re talking a baby crow sized wasp! It was obviously lost and in need of the outside, so I said to it, “Let’s go downstairs and I’ll let you out the back door.” I walked down the stairs, it followed me, I opened the door, and it flew out.  Think what you will, and mock me if you like, but that was one damn smart wasp.


~~ While I was exulting in my temporary status as a bug-communicator, my poodle came running when he heard me at the back door. He acted as if he wanted to go out, but if I reopened the door, I feared that wasp might come back in! (There may be a moral in my teeny story about keeping one’s ego in check, but I just needed something to blog about today.)


~~ My husband and I will be celebrating our 33rd anniversary this Sunday. Just typing that sentence has me flabbergasted! Throughout my life, I have screwed up, made mistakes, seen the error of my ways (and the disasters of some hairstyle choices), but I have not regretted my choice of a partner for one split second. I am never happier than when I am in his company.


~~ We’re getting a new family member Sunday. A little fox terrier mix rescued from a NYC shelter is coming to live with us, and we’re so excited.  I’ll share a photo next Friday.


Have a great weekend! I detest the "Subway Series," not just because the Mets have come up on the losing side often. The Bronx fans are generally an arrogant bunch who turn downright obnoxious when alcohol fuels their sense of entitlement. After years of going to these games at Shea, I eventually sold my SS tickets. Nowadays, I wouldn't take a free ticket!


Let’s Go Mets!



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