LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

No, No Nanny!

I always advise prospective purchasers to confirm that a house they are interested in falls within their desired school district, and to ensure that bus transportation is available if needed.  However, I recently learned about something else that certain potential home purchasers should check out: the train schedules that matter to their kids’ nannies.


A couple told me that they decided not to buy a home once they realized that the Friday evening Long Island Railroad schedule meant the nanny would stop work at 4:30 pm (way too early) or would need to hang out past 7:30 pm. That would mean they’d eat past 8 pm on Fridays, making for cranky kids and crabby parents!


Some might scoff at choosing where to buy primarily because the nearby train left for Jamaica at 5:50 pm, but I believe that a home is all about the quality of life you make for yourself there. Who needs to routinely have their stomach in a knot 1/7th of the time?


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