LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

I Adore Engineers

An accountant was telling me about the type of clients that really drive her mad (restaurant owners, who don't seem to keep receipts). She wondered, did I "go bonkers" from a certain category of clients as well? I couldn’t think of any particular group that I detest, but I did volunteer how much I truly enjoy having engineers as clients.



Keep in mind that we were talking in broad generalizations, but in my experience, clients that are engineers have always been super-motivated and exceedingly thorough. Paperwork is always logically grouped and labeled, and at least two (or three) different scenarios are always covered.


Once I complimented an engineer at closing on how easy he had made it for me to clear a title issue. He’d supplied me with all the Mortgage Notes and Satisfactions, along with copies of all the payoff checks. He’d also annotated the paperwork with names of the closing attorneys, title closers, and locations, and provided follow-up correspondence. “You’re a dream client!” I guess I gushed at him.


His wife sighed. “Try being married to him,” she semi-laughed. “I had to stop him from taking all our family photos and writing peoples’ names right across their chests.”

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