LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

A Very Un-Tossed Salad Friday

A radiologist told me on Wednesday that the nicest people she sees are the ones with cancer. “The nastiest ones never have any problems.” Her words kept running through my head yesterday after I learned that Gary Carter has passed away.


I feel like there’s been a death in my own family. He was like a big brother or an uncle whose peripheral glow you basked in, someone who came over mostly every evening and stayed for the weekend, entertaining you with athletic feats.


Gary Carter wielded both a powerful bat and a sunny smile. There’s probably some irony in the fact that many will forever associate him best with a weak single in game 6 of the World Series, but I will remember him for that as well as the sum of all his parts: catcher, hitter, family man, and high-voltage cheerleader for the NY Mets.


In a sense, that brother or uncle helped raise my kids, too. No, he wasn’t there for the first steps, or the night terrors, and he doesn’t appear in any family photos. But Gary was happy to entertain my kids in the video that was in our VCR more often than any other: THINK BIG!



Sports are unimportant to many of my readers, I know, so pro athletes seem irrelevant to you. However, sports adds the music to the lyrics of my life, and a very important member of the orchestra just played his final note.


Thanks for reading along. If you have memories of Gary Carter, I’d be pleased to have you share them here.  Have a great  Presidents’ Day Weekend! Instead of shopping, how about Occupying?


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