LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

For Love or Money

Years ago, a man called me the week before Valentine’s Day. It sounded to me like he needed my help with his holiday shopping, as he was determined to buy a house to present his fiancé!


As an attorney, I told him that rushing might cause something to be overlooked, and that it was wise to be thorough and diligent. He exhaled loudly at my recommendation to slow down.


I then asked if he minded some personal advice, and since he didn’t say “no,” I plunged ahead. “Wouldn’t your fiancé want to be included in deciding which house to buy? Shouldn’t you do this together?”


Hindsight tells me that I should have quit at “Don’t be so hasty,” as his answer revealed a world of which I was previously blissfully ignorant. He thanked me for the (unsolicited) advice, then informed me that buying a house was part of the “package” he was required to present to seal the deal with his soon-to-be bride.


“My fiancé is in Russia,” he stated. “I’ve wired her family money and sent her plane tickets. When she gets a copy of the house Deed, she’ll come over and marry me.”

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