LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Petty Tyrant

The co-op board president was issuing edicts right and left. Signs were springing up saying, “No sitting here,” “Silence your cell phones in lobby,” and (right before Halloween) “Limit groups to six or less in hallways.”


The residents were fed up with the man they elected to a three-year term, and wanted to know what could be done to reel him in or kick him out. One building dweller regretted her vote, but in a moment of clarity, understood where she had gone wrong.


“We elected a man who campaigned about how much free time he has to be president, though we knew it’s because he has no responsibility in his family business. Plus the whole building knows that his wife treats him like an idiot! A guy like that, we should have figured he’s going to want to have power over someone.”


I can picture the recall election literature added to the building’s cluttered lobby & elevator: “Kick [Mayor McCheese] out of office. His loved ones think he’s a moron, and now we do, too!”

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